Massage Sessions 30-90 minutes
Are you Tired? Overworked? Stressed Out?  In Pain?
We will utilize our areas of expertise to tailor a message suited just for you.

Deluxe  Reflexology
Hands, feet and ears
customized with   a salt scrub, hot towels,  mask or toe stones

Hot and Cold Stone Therapy
Close your eyes, relax and feel yourself float into a tranquil new experience.  I use smooth, heated basalt river rocks that melt away stress and tension.  Cold stones will help with inflammation and pain

Deluxe  Detox Body Treatment- 90 minutes
 Individually customized includes skin brushing for exfoliation, body scrub and moisturizer

Pregnancy Massage
Relieves fatigue, enhances sleep and calms an active baby.  You will be positioned on your side and your body will be supported with pillows
***Please check with your doctor

Purifying Back Treatment
Back facial begins with skin brushing, cleansing, exfoliation (extractions if needed), followed by stress relieving essential oils and a customized masque.

In our office- tables side by side or separate rooms
In your home- we bring everything- a very special treat

Add ons to Sessions 

The ultimate in smoothing and toning to treat premature aging of the hands- exfoliation followed by reflexology and massage, a nourishing paraffin dip and ending with a moisturizer and sun screen to help protect against further damage. 

Acupressusre scalp massage with customized essential oils will improve circulation and reduce stress and mental fatigue

Red and Blue infrared pulsed LED are used for pain and inflammation.

The perfect exfoliation **Brushes available for take home

Uses essential oils that speak to your needs of the moment physically, mentally and spiritually

for any service or product
-for that special person
a gift certificate that includes take home Spa Therapy products

***DERMALOGICA Products sold here
*all treatments include dressing time
24 hours cancellation is required to avoid charge